Raft 1.04 Free download for IOS


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The Raft 1.04 free download is a survival game for you, and this game is all about a challenge from the open sea. You will be thrown on a board that is only made of some piece of wood. Your job is to gather things like wood planks, barrels, iron, brick, rope, and more. When you have all the materials you need, you can build your boat bigger.

Also, in the Raft game, you have to be aware of a shark. It usually attacks your boat when you sleep. You can make a spear to fight against it. This shark can not harm you as long as you stay on the boat. But it can destroy some of the parts of your boat. So make sure you see it coming and fight it before it does something terrible.

Raft gameplay is not as easy as you think it will. You have to manage your boat. Where you do have materials or not will change your game. As long as you have food and enough materials, you will be alive.

One more thing about this game, players can play in multiplayer. It means you can ask for other players’ help. Playing in a team makes your game much more comfortable, but you also need a leader or will have some fight.

The Raft update is ready to serve!

How to download Raft for Mac?

Before downloading any mobile application, software or game on website apk-mb.com, you should read carefully the description to make sure that your device is compatible.

On the website apk-mb.com, scroll down to the bottom of the description and click on the green button (Download APK) to download the app. Wait for 5 seconds to get re-directed to a new link where the source file is.

We are 100% sure that all the applicatons, softwares and games on apk-mb.com are free and safe for your device.

How to install Raft for Mac?

  • Step 1: Download Raft from apk-mb.com.
  • Step 2: Open the downloaded file on your phone/tablet and press Download Raft for Mac.
  • Step 3: If it pops up a dialogue says “Accept to install the file from an unknown source,” press Accept to continue the instalation. Or, you can configure in the Settings/Security/Privacy/Unknown Apps and enable.
  • Step 4: Wait for the installation to finish. After the process is completed, run the Raft on your device. Now you can use the app.

Note: If the version on apk-mb.com doesn’t support your device, please contact us to get the compatible latest one.

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