Is Education Possible in the Dominican Republic?

There are so many people in the world who have been deprived of their right to education. In Education USA, we have witnessed a rise in the number of children who are left behind in school because they do not have enough money to attend school. The situation for women is far from being good. The percentage of women in the education system is very low. This is something that needs to be changed immediately. There must be an equal distribution of men and women in education so that the quality of education is maintained.

The education system in Dominican Republic is one that is free for all. There is no discrimination at all and any student is welcome to attend. This means that there are teachers who have no connection with the government and that there are students who have no government connection at all. This makes the education system completely free for all students.

Another aspect that is helping the Dominican Republic in bringing up bright and intelligent students is the school uniforms. Every school has different colored uniforms that make it easier for students to identify with each other. The students of private schools also wear uniform shirts and black slacks. In fact, the entire education system looks like a well organised one with everyone wearing the same type of clothes.

A large number of students in the Dominican Republic also join the military when they grow up. They are given a chance to learn without having to worry about their education. All students in the private education system also get to take part in extracurricular activities. These activities keep the students active and interested in what they are learning. This keeps them away from boredom and also makes them more attentive.

However, there are limitations with the education system in the Dominican Republic. It is quite poor in some areas and the government does not pay much attention to education. For this reason, the quality of education gets compromised a lot. Private schools have a higher drop out rate than the public schools.

Even though the government does provide money for education, it does not give much to the private schools. The students here are also denied access to the school library. This is another reason why students do not like the education system here. They do not have the facilities that they need in order to study well.

Private education is quite expensive in the Dominican Republic. This is mostly because of the high overhead charges of the schools. In fact, many parents here prefer to send their children to expensive private schools in the US, in exchange for a good and safe environment for their kids. They feel that an education in the United States is more reliable than an education in a private school in the Dominican Republic.

Private education is expensive in the Dominican Republic also because the government does not pay much attention to education. There is very little funding for education. Most students here are left to fend for themselves. There is a terrible shortage of teachers in the education sector. English is not even taught in schools here.

The Dominican Republic has one of the highest poverty rates in the Western Hemisphere. English is not even taught in schools anymore. In fact, the only language that is commonly used here is Spanish.

The Dominican Republic’s education system ranks 101st out of all the countries in the world. This means that there is no proper education system in the country. The government encourages literacy because that is its goal. However, most of its students are still illiterate.

Students in the Dominican Republic are mostly poor. They are also deprived of basic human rights. That is why there is a growing concern about education in the Caribbean nation. Many students from other countries of the Caribbean are going to become victims of the poverty and disease that characterize the Dominican Republic.

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