Dead Space 1.1.41 Mod APK for Android

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Dead Space 1.1.41 Mod APK for Android Free Download will bring you to a ship out of space. And this ship will be full of monsters, aliens, and Dead Space horror things.

Dead Space for Android will send you a question, and that question will be: Are you ready for the most horror game ever?

In the gameplay, you will keep running into monsters and aliens. They are everywhere, and these creatures will not give you a chance to run from them.

Dead Space tips

When coming to this game, you need a top choice suit, weapon, and mode. You should try the easy one first, or you will run into some trouble that you can never solve.

This game will send you to different places and spaces. You need to adapt to that one quickly, or the monsters will soon kill you.

We have new weapons and armor added to this version of the game. Players can find them during the battle.

This version also has six new scenarios. And it would be best if you explored them all before moving to the last level of this game.

Dead Space APK will be updated soon, and you will see more monsters appear in this game. You will never know when they come to you!

Dead Space Free Download

In this game, there will be an info window that stays on the main screen. And you need to read that during the game. Some info will be needed for you.

The game controls have been improved, and you will not take much time to get used to it. The soundtrack in this version will be new too. And you need to add more of them from the update. The horror journey has only started. There will be more fun waiting for you out there.

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173.9 MB
Android 2.1+

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