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Among Us is an online multiplayer video game by Inner Sloth. It launched on June 15, 2018.

The game takes place outside of outer space, in which players play one of two roles: the majority are crew members, and a few are impostors (Impostors). The crew has the goal of finding and eliminating the impostor and completing missions around the map. Simultaneously, the fake faction aims to kill the crew members without being detected by anyone.

How to play?

Among Us is a multiplayer game (played online or over local WiFi) that allows 4 – 10 people to play together. The machine will randomly select 1 to 3 of them as imposters or killers (Impostor), and the rest are crew members or teammates (Crewmate). The game among us can occur in one of three maps: a spaceship The Skeld, a Mira HQ headquarters building, and a base on the planet Polus. The crew must perform missions around the map as minigames, including maintaining critical systems such as resuming circuits or refueling engines, etc.

The rogue faction infiltrates the crew with the ability to sabotage the system, navigate the pipes, spot other impostors, and kill spacecraft members. When a player dies, they turn into a ghost; ghosts can pass through walls but cannot interact with the surrounding world, and only ghosts can see each other. All players, except ghosts, had a limited field of vision within a cone in Among Us game. That allows players to lurk even though the game has high-visibility graphics.

How to win

In Among Us online, the crew wins by completing all the missions before assassination or finding and eliminating all impostors. The rogue wins by killing the crew members until the player count of both sides is equal or when the vandalism’s countdown is over (for Reaction hand-code scanning or repair air in O2). When an impostor performs an act of vandalism, an immediate consequence will occur, or a countdown starts, and the entire crew faction will die if they do not restore the destruction before the time runs out. There are many different ways to remedy vandalism, depending on what kind of infestation.

When someone found a body, he can warn about this, suspend all other activities, and initiate a meeting between them to discuss who the faker based on the evidence around the murder. If the discussion gets a majority of the votes, that player will be thrown from the map and die. The player can also request an “emergency meeting” by pressing a button on the Cafeteria table at any time. Players can communicate with each other by voice (create their Discord rooms) or text messages, but this is only allowed during meetings and between surviving players; however, ghosts can speak to each other.

In the end

You can customize features of the Among Us online in each level’s lobby, such as visibility or emergency meeting numbers (buttons in Cafeteria as noted above). Also, players can customize aesthetic elements such as skins, hats, and pets.

Among Us will be an excellent choice for your entertainment. Come and join Among Us download now!

How to download Among Us for Android?

Before downloading any mobile application, software or game on website, you should read carefully the description to make sure that your device is compatible.

On the website, scroll down to the bottom of the description and click on the green button (Download APK) to download the app. Wait for 5 seconds to get re-directed to a new link where the source file is.

We are 100% sure that all the applicatons, softwares and games on are free and safe for your device.

How to install Among Us for Android?

  • Step 1: Download Among Us from
  • Step 2: Open the downloaded file on your phone/tablet and press Download Among Us.APK.
  • Step 3: If it pops up a dialogue says “Accept to install the file from an unknown source,” press Accept to continue the instalation. Or, you can configure in the Settings/Security/Privacy/Unknown Apps and enable.
  • Step 4: Wait for the installation to finish. After the process is completed, run the Among Us on your device. Now you can use the app.

Note: If the version on doesn’t support your device, please contact us to get the compatible latest one.

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November 26, 2020
Android 4.4+
Innersloth LLC

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